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  Over the lockdown time of 2020 I decided to spend some of the time re learning my first love Electronics. It was through electronics that I wanted to be a musician. I love the kit and soldering and building stuff and if you have been following my YouTube and Facebook you will have seen various things that I have built from Synths for the BBC Micro to Valve Amplifiers and Pedals.

Recently I have been making pedals for other people and I thought I would put them here as they are all bespoke one of a Kind. They all have a serial number that will tally with the page here.

Pedal 001 - Boost Pedal

I made this pedal on August 2021 for my dar friend Phil Andrews 60th Birthday. Phil is al well loved local musician whom in the 80s was founder memeber of the C86 band The Morrisons.

Pedal 002 - Nowhere Inn Boost

My friend Matty landlord of the Nowhere Inn Plymouth set me a challenge to build a Pedal in to one of the pub Tobacco Tins.

It has the same circuit as Pedal 001 but I had to make it quite fiddley to get in a tin and to be solid enough for use. I managed it but having a mini pedal box inside the Tin.

Video about the build on my YouTube (Please Subscribe)

      Pedal 003 - Mini Boost

This one was for Me :) I have a Mooer mini pedalbaord for gigs when I cant take a large amout of kit and I needed a booster so I built one to fit. Cane out pretty well.

Pedal 004 - Boost
This was a comission for my friend Jesse Molins well know South West Jazz guitarist and fellow member of the Mike Westbrook Band. Same circuit as all the other Boosters.

Pedal 005 - Tremolo

This was a comission from Russell Sinclair top blues guitarist. As soon as I handed him the pedal he was palying it on stage. Sounded great through his big fender amp.

I am a proud member of the PRS, PPL and FAC if you are a musician I urge you to do the same.