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Inspiration and Influences

This section is in drastic need of an update one day I will!

There are many influences to my playing and what I enjoy I thought id share a few with you.

Arthur Brown
Well I make no bones about the fact that to me Arthur is the greatest vocalist of all time, and the fact that he's also one of my best friends makes me very happy indeed. From his first album in 1968 to his most recent album The Voices of Love, Arthurs voice all 4 octaves of it has always had a stunning presence, every show I have been to (and its over 50) weather he played to 100 in a small club or many thousands at a festival he is always top of his game. Look out his web site

Nick Pynn
I met Nick in 2002 when he was a member of Arthur Browns band, he was the first person I knew that was really into the use of Loops and Bass Pedals. He is a master of the craft and plays many instruments including lap Dulcimer, Violin, Guitar, Theremin and Bass pedals all at the same time. He has picked up a great deal of praise in the last few years. The BBC made a short film about him that you can see here
Nicks website is

Reeves Gabrels
Like a lot of people I got to hear Reeves first as lead guitarist of the band Tin Machine, to be Bowies finest hour, and in 2010 I was privileged to attend a guitar masterclass in London with him and the great Kevin Armstrong. Reeves plays out of the box, and is a master of discordant soloing he has a very distinctive sound, just listen to the solo on Into the Blue by the Mission, or Wrong Number by The Cure both where he played on.  Reeves has made several solo albums and I recommend you buy them all, especially if you are a fan of left field guitar playing along the lines of Zappa and Steve Vai.

Above Reeves and Matthew London 2010

Since I wrote the above entry I opened for Reeves in Birmingham and his band with Jeff and Kevin are just outstanding as his is new album that you can get here


  Pink Floyd

Well what cant be said about the greatest band of all time? Well some may argue with me, but they are the band that have stayed with me for all of my life pretty much. From hearing Another Brick in the Wall on Top of the Pops in 1979 when I was 7 I was hooked on the band. One of my favourite albums is Atom Heart Mother, I think the fusion of Brass, Choir and a rock band really appealed to me as did the use of sound effects on side 2. I have always wanted to make a album in this vein, but have yet to do so. I'm preaching to the converted but If you do not know this album then give it a spin with an open mind.

I am a proud member of the PRS, PPL and FAC if you are a musician I urge you to do the same.